'DC 12' Dyneema® SK78 (per metre)

Diameter (mm)
Top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer English Braids®. Satisfaction Guarantee.
The 12 strand Dyneema construction is used to ensure that the maximum strength is delivered through the rope providing a high diameter for breaking load ratio.
100% Dyneema® SK78 delivers ultimate strength for diameter. Available in a range of colours through PU coatings.
This product can be used to make Dyneema soft shackles.

Features & Benefits

  •  12-strand construction
  •  Very high strength to weight ratio
  •  Treated with specialized marine coating
  •  Very long lasting in a marine environment
  •   Dyneema SK78 - Stronger then steel
  •  Safer than steel in operation



      Typical Applications

      •  Vang/Kicker
      •  Backstay